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We are an “Contemporary Ancient Circus”, we travel around Europe in our big top, we live in caravans, we are nomads and we live a communitary life. We intend Circus as a distant land, an atemporal bubble inside which is like being in a foreign country. It’s a lifestyle choice, is the refuse of a busy and inhuman world, to leave time and space for creativity, imagination, sharing… we grew up outside Italy because there wasn’t space for us, then we decided to create our own space and we returned. – Giacomo Costantini

In 2011 Fabiana Ruiz Diaz, Giacomo and Gaetano Costantini, Domenico de Vita decide to share their philosophy, poetic and objectives in a unique project that is both their work and their life. With no guarantees and no outside funding, driven by a desire to realise their dream of an itinerant and free space, four friends, two brothers and two lovers created an independent cultural project. The Circus El Grito, defined by national critics as a “pioneer project” is the first Italian example of Contemporary Circus, articulating its new language in its three landmarks: the street, the theater and the chapiteau.

Who We Are

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Giacomo Costantini and Fabiana Ruiz Diaz

Giacomo Costantini is a multi-disciplinary artist. Fascinated by logic, he followed a group of researchers studying the S.C.A.C. theory (Sistema Complesso Articolare Chiuso – Complex System Closed Articulation) developed by Professor Giulio Flaminio Brunelli, applying his interest in cybernetics and theoretical physics. He showed an interest in music from a very young age – studying classical piano – and in flying objects, building his own kites, boomerangs and hot air balloons. As a teenager he immersed himself in the Rome street artist scene, discovering the roots of his own artistic vocation. In 1997, aged 15, he began street performances of his own (in Rome, between Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere and Piazza Navonna) with a show of juggling and acrobatism entitled “Schizo-ironia di un saltimbanco” (“Schizo-irony of a tumbler”). Two years later he discovered contemporary dance and took his first steps with choreographer Lucis Latour before joining the Juan Diego Puerta Lopez company. When he completed complulsory high school he began what has become a constant research into a language of synthesis between circus, music, bodily expression and new technologies. In 2001, aged 19, he was a co-founder of Circo Metafisico (Metaphysical Circus), giving provocatory and absurd performances inspired by the work of Alejandro Jodorowsky. In 2005 he chose a nomadic life and left with Circo Acquatico Bellucci (Bellucci Acquatic Circus) who contacted him because they wanted to introduce elements of street art in their shows. Over the following two years he performed in hundreds of shows as a juggler, dancer and acrobat. He also worked as the “external eye” for the show “Voyager”. In those years he discovered how the circus can be a bubble capable of keeping at bay the social dynamics that invade private life, that castrate creativity and render individuals unfree. The circus became a tangible metaphor for a philosophy of life, a place in the service of creativity, of fantasy and freedom. He began to analyse the circus from the point of view of the SCAC theory. But the circus is, above all, a meeting place: on tour in 2006 he met aerial acrobat Fabiana Ruiz Diaz.

Fabiana Ruiz Diaz was born in Montevideo and took her first steps to the rhythm of Cumbia, her singer father’s favourite music. Fabiana also met the the circus in the street, in its most popular sense. She learned juggling with a group of artisans and then, at a very young age, travelled through South America juggling in the street. During a European convention in Rotterdam she discovered aerial acrobatics and settled in Madrid to study the discipline. After various adventures Fabiana also took the step from street to ring, working with a circus for a while. In 2006, during a gala of Italian circuses, she met Giacomo. The meeting changed their lives. A few weeks later they left together for South America. In that period, besides their personal affinities, the two young artists discovered they shared human and artistic values that found voice in their desire to create a contemporary circus company. They returned to Europe in search of a space that would embrace their project and, after exploring Rome and Berlin, they settled in Brussels, where they found welcome with Espace Catastrophe (an international point of reference for contemporary circus) which backed their first show, “Scratch & Stretch”. What followed is the story of the El Grito Company which, in 2011, became the EL GRITO CIRCUS…


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