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The origins of the company

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El Grito was born in 2007 in Brussels with the partnership of Fabiana Ruiz Diaz (Montevideo, Uruguay) and Giacomo Costantini (Rome, Italy). Fabiana and Giacomo met in 2006 during a gala of Italian circuses. The meeting changed their lives. A few weeks later they left together for South America. In that period, besides their personal affinities, the two young artists discovered they shared human and artistic values that found voice in their desire to create a contemporary circus company. They returned to Europe in search of a space that would embrace their project and, after exploring Rome and Berlin, they settled in Brussels, where they found welcome with Espace Catastrophe (an international point of reference for contemporary circus) which backed their first show, “Scratch & Stretch”. Thanks to the success of the show the company quickly entered the European professional circuit. El Grito attracted wide-ranging cultural and artistic interest and won backing to produce “20 Decibel”, a performance designed for theatre and which premiered at the 2010 “Pistes de lancement” International Circus Biennial in Brussels. The great success of 20 Decibel becomes the heart of the Company, the substance from which in 2011 they founded the Circus El Grito. The ambitious project is to live, work and cross the borders, to stay in that space between the arts and make dialogue, in which the Circus becomes a hinge that allows mixing with other artistic languages, creating performances in which suggestive aspects of circus are reviewed with a contemporary look, a type of production taken from music, theater and dance. The big top becomes an open and itinerant theatre, a nomadic space that welcomes affinity for poetry and all those arts that have encouraged the research of Contemporary Circus and who wish to continue to make experience.


The birth of the Circus

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Circo El Grito

In May 2011, El Grito Circus began his first tour by participating with their own shows to most Italian festivals: Andersen festival, Pennabilli, Mirabilia Festival, Festival Visioni, Tutti Matti per Colorno, Artemigrante, Cirk Fantastik, Circumnavigando festival. In the same year they are invited to the biggest festival of music and circus in Germany, the Fusion Festival and begin to cooperate with the Association of Giocolieri e Dintorni, inviting them to attend under the big top at the Tenth Nationale Meeting of Operators of Circus Arts for Children and Youth. The chapiteau welcomes immediately previews of national and international companies including: Subliminati Corporation, My! Lyka, Nacho Flores, Circocentrique. In September the circus and the association La Cité, in Florence, organize the festival Cirk Fantastik which Giacomo Costantini cares the artistic programming.

In 2012, the tour continues in a series of the most important festivals of Europe starting with Maggio all’Infanzia, organized by the Teatro Kismet Opera of Bari and the Festival Up! in Brussels; meanwhile they organized, in addition to the Cirk Fantastik, Summer Circus (Bolzano), together with the association Leitmotifs, and the Week of Contemporary Circus in collaboration with the Teatro Pubblico Pugliese during the Carnival of Putignano.

In March 2013 El Grito Circus inaugurates a permanent laboratory of research on the relationship between the circus and the music that led to the collaboration with the young circus artist and musician Timoteo Grignani, leading to the creation of the show Drums And Circus, whose study, out of competition as part of Scintille/Asti Teatro 36 gets honorable mention, with the following motivation of the jury: “an example of extraordinary originality and quality in its subsequent development will surely provide a stop light in the artistic development of the young company of contemporary circus”.

From 2013 El Grito Circus realizes ECCI! El Grito Christmas Circus, the festival of Contemporary Italian Circus, promoted by the Fondazione Musica per Roma/Auditorium Parco della Musica. The success of the initiative – decreed by the massive turnout of the audience and the critical response – finally convinces the Musica per Roma Foundation to focus on a program of contemporary circus Giacomo Costantini entrusting the post of artistic director of the new section dedicated to contemporary circus. In collaboration with the Teatro Pubblico Pugliese, Municipality and the Teatro Verdi in Brindisi, in 2014, thanks to the support of the European Union (P.O. FESR PUGLIA) El Grito creates the first edition of El Grito Verso Oriente, an exhibition of contemporary circus designed to spread the contemporary circus in southern Italy through performances, lectures, workshop and meetings with schools of theatre, circus and dance.

In March 2014 they return to the Biennale International Circus of Brussels that entrusts the programming of the final week, giving the Carte Blanche to El Grito Circus.

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